In recent years, leftists have dramatically ramped up the frequency and intensity with which they accuse whites of racism. Phrases like “white privilege” have permeated down to people who aren’t even a little bit political—even to children. Charges of “white supremacy” are now flung about so cavalierly that the phrase now applies to everyone (who is white . . . and not on the left), rather than just to the tiny number of actual white supremacists one might find if one turns over enough rocks.

At this moment, I am not going to address the relative merits of any of these charges. I am simply going to ask one question: what’s their solution? The unrelenting intensity with which these charges are leveled would seem to indicate that they believe a solution is required. And since the left’s primary modus operandi is to use government to solve problems, one has to assume that a government solution may be in the offing. So what might that be?

Punitive laws, perhaps? Some sort of legal hobbling of white people?

Redistributive taxation, maybe? Some sort of payment—one-time or on an ongoing basis—for whiteness?

What about forced reeducation? In the workplace? In schools? How about in camps?

And then, of course, there’s the ugly question of figuring out who is white and to what percentage. If “privilege” is an inherent and automatic result of skin color, then the unborn child of a white mother is guilty while still in the womb. And what if his father isn’t white? Is that unborn baby only half guilty? How many “drops” does it take?

We’ve seen all this before, and it never ends well. Leftists, you might want to think this through a bit better. What’s your endgame? What’s the solution? Because right now, the main thing your language is accomplishing is getting people beaten up in the streets. Is that what you want?