The left’s media-academia-political power elite are making people crazy. If Trump were an actual fascist/racist who’d been fraudulently elected, this display (and the many others like it) might be almost understandable. He isn’t, though. The lies told about him are very damaging.

PS: Whether it be simply inelegant shorthand or a bit more negative, I am not endorsing the references to a “tranny” and a “girl.” Their circumstances or choices in those regards are of no interest to me. One is wearing a #MAGA shirt, and all are/ought to be welcome. The other has been driven mad by the leftist apparatus’ lies. She must be watched, as evil ideologies cause people to do evil things—but she is not our enemy. She is a fellow human, and she needs to be rescued from the left’s lies.

PPS: Whoops—we cannot forget that Trump is also literally going to singlehandedly literally destroy the literal entire planet. Totes literally.