“Those bad versions of socialism just weren’t done the right way, or by the right people. When my friends and I have complete control of society . . .

  • When we control the media, the military, the economy, the government, the courts, the schools, the culture, and every institution;
  • When we have sole control over who gets to own property, and how much, and how much we take from whom, and to whom we give it;
  • When we have the political power to overcome objections and the political might to punish dissent;
  • When we have the social control to eliminate rancor and remake man into a better version of himself;
  • When we have the power to take care of you for your own good, and to force you to act for (what we deem to be) the good of others;
  • When we have made government large enough to implement all of this;

Then, and only then, will we have paradise. For we are truly good people, and this time . . . this time we’ll do it the right way.”