In the 1920s and 30s, leftists praised socialism in Russia (and, for a time, in Italy and Germany). They claimed socialism was “the future, and it works.” They spent the next five or six decades concealing, denying, and making excuses for socialism’s unbroken record of failure, starvation, and oppression, and its 100s of millions of murders. Only after these could no longer be concealed did they begin to distance themselves from these monstrosities. In more recent years, they have lavished similar praise on Cuba and—until VERY recently—Venezuela. Now, people in socialist Venezuela are eating pets, zoo animals, and garbage, and women are prostituting themselves just to survive. And the left are suddenly silent about the great Venezuela too, and simply continue their 100-year-plus effort to bring all these monstrosities to the countries of the West. And if they succeed, and we are starving and being sent to camps here, leftists in other lands will simply march merrily on, doing the same thing.

I know that a lot of leftists are largely victims of the architects of leftism—that they are simply running ideological software that was mostly written by others. But that is no excuse. The truth is out there. These so-called “victims” are simply too lazy and narcissistic to find it—they are far more comfortable believing themselves to be the BeautifulPeople™ for supporting all these “beautiful” ideas. But leftism is not beautiful, and neither are they. This is inexcusable. People who perpetrate oppression, starvation, and democide we rightly call monsters. But those of you who abet these monsters and perpetuate this cycle are every bit as much the cause of whatever oppression, starvations, and democide comes next. So I am going to go out on a limb—I am going to stop ceding you the high ground of being “misguided but with good intentions.” and I am going to simply call you what you ought to be called: monsters, and those who abet monsters.

One of the features of true science is replicability. In order for the results of an experiment to become a recognized theory or data point moving forward, the experiment has to be replicated multiple times, each time producing the same result. Well, the leftist experiment has failed to one degree or other every time. Continuing to subject humans to repeated experiments is inhumane and unacceptable.