The little blades of grass were so happy. Recently planted from seed to fill a bare patch, they were growing nicely. 

“Isn’t this great?” said one little blade of grass to an older one. “We have fresh air, lots of water, plenty of sun. And the light breezes make us dance so spritely! What a great time to be alive.” 

“Oh, you think so?” said the older blade of grass. “Just wait.”

“What do you mean?” 

“There’s this thing that happens,” said the older one.

“What thing?” said the younger.

The older blade just shuddered and went silent. The younger one looked at his fellow sprouts and shrugged, and then went back to their spritely dancing.

Then, off in the distance, they heard a strange sound. As it began to grow louder, they realized it was, in fact, two sounds combined. One was their fellow blades of grass, off in the distance, screaming. The other was the sound of the lawnmower.

Happy Spring!