A significant portion of the modern left are decidedly hostile to law enforcement. A lot of libertarians are none too friendly either. LEOs have long enjoyed the greatest support among conservatives. That support is now beginning to erode, however, as conservatives watch what is taking place in Canada and Australia, and if nothing changes, the pace of that erosion is going to become precipitous. And sights like this are going to make things dramatically worse:

Whether we slide further into totalitarianism may ultimately depend on how law enforcement and the military line up. So far, the signs are not good.

Following the orders of one’s superiors is one of the mechanisms by which such entities function. But if a society is to be free, following orders cannot be their purpose. The purpose of law enforcement and the military, ultimately, must be to protect the rights and freedom of the individual human person. To do what is right. Much of what is happening now is not right.