Cultural Appropriation Breakfast Burrito

Just made and ate a delicious breakfast burrito. I culturally appropriated the concept of the burrito, and the tortilla and salsa, from Mexico. I culturally appropriated the Dubliner cheese from the Irish. I culturally appropriated the Spam from the Hawaiians—no wait, […]

Leftism Is a Religion

The left’s goal was never simply to eliminate religion; it was to replace it with leftism. A new morality. New angels and devils, new pathways to salvation and damnation. A new way to satisfy the human desire to be one of […]

Two-Sentence Woke Horror Stories

Halloween TV PSA: The woke intimations and storylines in “Two-Sentence Horror Stories” (Netflix) are seriously insulting to anyone who isn’t a woke leftist drone. I know there is obnoxious wokery in a lot of entertainment these days, but this is worse–way […]