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We are on the cusp of the next great revolution in human freedom. The forces arrayed against us are powerful and the road ahead is long. Let us see to it that history does not forget our generation's contribution to the cause of liberty.
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Informal review of the DynaTrap insect-control trap

The DynaTrap attracts insects with a light, and then as they draw closer, they are further attracted by a special CO2-emitting metal coating that "mimics human breath." Once lured into the trap, the insects are prevented from escaping by one-way doors and a fan. Once...

Porkiepie treason

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,Porkiepie treason and plot,I see no reason why Porkiepie treason,Should ever be forgot! I don't care about the actual political event; I just heard "pork-pie plot" and that popped into my head. And pork pie happened in January,...

Left-Libertarianism Is Just Socialism By Another Name

Left-Libertarianism Is Just Socialism By Another Name briefly addresses the concept of "left-libertarianism," defining it as system of thought wherein adherents hold that individuals are (and must be) free, but the natural things of the earth—land, resources, etc.—are (and must be) held in common. If...

I’m really craving a breakfast taco right about now.

This is float # 53,967 in the Imagine-if-a-Republican-Had-Said-This Parade. Here's me at a speech in Little Italy: *reads teleprompter*"My fellow Italians, you are as diverse as the strands of spaghetti on my plate, which are as delicious as the gabagool I eat when...

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